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MIL WEEK 1 Opportunities, Challenges, and Power of Media and Information Media and other information providers play a central role in information and communication processes. Nowadays, media become the common outlet of self- expression and creativity. Its huge influence spreads speedily across the globe. The connection between technological advances and people's connectivity created a huge impact on the lives of today's generation. This lesson covers all the above-mentioned concepts. POWER OF MEDIA TO AFFECT CHANGE March 2016, TCC Group published an article by Charles Gaspar, entitled "How media Affects Social Change" which reports the following: "Media and more importantly its ability to reach the public and provide commentary has been present ever since the existence of a town crier. The tradition of oration has evolved to broadsheet, books, radio, television, and now to the digital age." Charles Gaspar In April 2016, the World Economic Forum published an article titled 6 ways social media is changing the world that discussed six observations and predictions for the way social media is changing the world from experts from the Global Agenda Council. 1. Across industries, social media is going from a "nice to have" to an essential component of any business strategy. 2. Social media platforms may be the banks of the future. 3. Social media is shaking up healthcare and public health. 4. Social media is changing how we govern and are governed. 5. Social media is helping us better respond to disaster 6. Social media is helping us tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, from human rights violations to climate change. Social Media Use in the Philippines (2019) Another article from TECH by Bilal Ahmad updated in March 2016 published an article titled "10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Society" enumerated the following (next slide) ADVANTAGES 1. Connectivity 2. Educate 3. Help 4. Information and updates 5. Promotion 6. Noble cause 7. Awareness 8. Helps Gov't and agencies fight crime 9. Improves business reputation 10. Helps in building communities DISADVANTAGES 1. Cyberbullying 2. Hacking 3. Addiction 4. Fraud and Scams 5. Security Issues 6. Ruin Reputation 7. Cheating and Relationship Issues
MIL 8. Health Issues 9. Social Media causes death 10. Glamorizes Drugs and Alcohol MEDIA & INFORMATION OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES IN SOCIETY OPPORTUNITIES IN SOCIETY POLITICS - The media acts as an effective check on government power and influence over its citizens. In the last few decades, there has been an unprecedented growth in mass media accompanied by the failing costs of radio. TV, satellite and Internet services. This phenomenon has helped bring political information to a much wider audience. ECONOMY - Often one can figure out how the economy will trend based on the bias of different medias. EDUCATION - There is an important approach educational researchers have indicated which argues that both media and technology can effectively be used in schools as phenomena to learn both "from" and "with." EMPLOYMENT - Some social media channels are widely perceived as an acceptable recruitment channel. Social media is increasingly important to candidates as a method for researching the market. BUSINESS PROCESSES - Using different media will let you gather information that can help you in making decisions for your business. NEWS AROUND THE CLOCK - One of the ways that social media has transformed politics is the sheer speed at which news, poll results and rumors are shared. Whereas in the pre-internet days, people had to wait for the next newspaper or TV news show to get the latest information, online news is a 24/7 phenomenon. NEWS AROUND THE CLOCK (CONT) - Social media has taken this a step further. While you can access news on many websites at any hour, most people spend more time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter than they do on serious news or political websites. This means that you get all of the latest trending news stories and opinions shared by your friends whenever you log on. THE IMPACT OF POLLS - Political polls are an important part of every campaign. They are often confusing, because you can often find multiple polls with contradictory results posted on the very same day. DIRECT INTERACTION WITH POLITICIANS - One of the positive effects that social media has on politics is the opportunity for voters to interact more easily with candidates and elected officials. Traditionally, if you wanted to meet a politician or candidate, you'd have to attend a live event. Not everyone can do this. With modern technology, it's now possible to attend virtual events where you can participate in live streaming events and interact with politicians and candidates. DEMOGRAPHICS AND TARGETING - Targeting is used throughout the advertising industry to make sure that ads and messages reach the right audience. Politicians do this as well. In the age of social media, politicians and people running for office are able to target their campaigns. CHALLENGES IN SOCIETY CRIME - Incitement of harm, Infringement of human rights/defamation. Money theft/phishing. Commercial fraud, Bullying, Copyright Infringement and identity theft. AGE INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT - It's hard to verify the age on the internet and since anyone can access the internet including underage. - Thus they are easily exposed to inappropriate contents for underage like sexual implicit and violent contents. PRIVACY
MIL - It seems as though privacy is something that is very easily broken into when referring to the media and its audiences. It is very difficult for individuals to keep their information private, which is why this is such a important ethical issues. LACK OF VERIFICATION - Because of the new media, information spreads faster than ever, so fast that "fact checker" can't keep up. Also because anyone can access the internet, some information are not reliable. ILLEGAL CONTENT - Some media are used to distribute illegal contents: Illegal images of child sexual abuse, content promoting hate based on race, religion or sexual preference, content instructing or promoting crime, violence, content that advocates unsafe behavior like extreme dieting or drug taking.
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