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Week 1 questions: 1. I believe that while there was a necessity for public policing, there was enough going around that called for its creation. However, I do believe it had to be well-planned for it to work and for people to even think about putting their support behind it. This is shown from the list of rules that were made to be followed and were sure to be dependent on the public's opinion. However, there were clearly still flaws in the system as would be seen later on when things start to fall apart again. 2. This is mostly due in part to the reaction of the 1840 riots that happened while privatized policing was in place. It was a way of pointing out all the flaws that privitilization had been showing even before the riots took place as the public was no longer putting their trust in it. In fact, by specifically telling the public that they have the power in their hands in regard to public policing, they are given more approval and acceptance that would only come into question later down the line. 3. As unionization began to grow and gain more traction with the need for employee rights so did the need and want for the private security industry as the city was beginning to grow bigger and bigger over time and therefore so did the necessity of private security. Private security made it easier for their employees to have better treatment and pay than public security was providing. During the early 1800s, many groups were already gathering in unions to help each other and themselves in many different companies and corporations and it was bound to affect private security just as much as everything else. 4. Examples of citizen involvement that can be seen today include voting, volunteering, and public participation are the main ones that come to mind. Voting is an especially important one that is constantly encouraged for others to actively participate in as democracy and voting go hand in hand. Volunteering, in my opinion, is the second most important and thought of as one can volunteer in many different areas of the public, whether it be with the police or the community. Public participation can go hand in hand with the other two but not as big as even just staying within a community is still participation made. 5. Due to the railroad tracks and traveling, it seemed that most crimes were happening along the train trails that were being built more and more due to the western expansion that was happening at the time. With the creation of the railway police, the federal vision of policing came first as crimes were essentially happening more on a federal level (aka on the road/tracks) and across state lines than on a local one as there wasn't much of a need for it at the time. The western expansion laid the foundation for the future federal police a lot more than it handled how things were handled locally, as people were also moving along and not in one place either during this time.
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