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Resilient distributed datasets: A {Fault-Tolerant} abstraction for {In-Memory} cluster computing M Zaharia, M Chowdhury, T Das, ADave, J Ma... - ... USENIX Symposium on ..., 2012 - ... Deserialization cost to convert binary records to usable in-memory Java objects. We investigated each of these factors in turn. To measure (1), we ran no-op Hadoop jobs, and saw that ... vr Save 99 Cite Cited by 6212 Related articles All 133 versions 99 Real-time Java scoped memory: design patterns and semantics F Pizlo, JM Fox, D Holmes... - Seventh IEEE International ..., 2004 - ... In this section, we describe several idioms and design patterns involving scoped memory in an effort to simplify the design of Real-Time Java programs. All methods and fields in the ... vr Save 99 Cite Cited by 134 Related articles All 2 versions (iTML] Processes in {KaffeOS}: Isolation, Resource Management, and Sharing in Java G Back, WH Hsieh, J Lepreau - Fourth Symposium on Operating Systems ..., 2000 - ... Current systems (such as Java) provide memory protection ... For example, a Java applet can generate excessive amounts .. its own process; CPU and memory limits can be placed on the ... vy Save 99 Cite Cited by 282 Related articles All 19 versions 99 Executing Java threads in parallel in a distributed-memory environment MW MacBeth, KA McGuigan, PJ Hatcher - ... of the 1998 conference of the ..., 1998 - ... tions of the distributed shared memory should be based on the Java object itself, as ... at the memory page level. A Java object reference is abstract, without memory aliasing problems, ... vy Save 99 Cite Cited by 60 Related articles All 3 versions [PDF] [HTML]
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