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Learning Activity 4: Attempt all questions. Names: 1. 2. 4, 9. 1. Name THREE components of organizational ecosystem. Highlight your answer 1: 2: 2. Define following: Concepts Explanation Institutional Structure e EH e S A\ETES 10 )Y Technical Structure Speciali survival strategy 3. Identify the company reflecting example of competitive collaboration: Description Response We are the car brands that share technology to develop hybrid vehicles We are the companies that jointly produce video cassette recorder. We are the electronic companies that develop together the photocopiers. We are the electronic companies that produce semiconductors together. We are the car manufacturing companies that assemble automobiles. 4. Explain the differences in the changing characteristics of interorganizational relationships:
FEEDBACKs. "—_— Trust vs. Suspicion B i G | . gt Dependence 5. Highlight the following concept: Concepts True/ False Traditional competition still exists. Coevolution means two unrelated groups uniquely become adapted to each other. The changing role of management means you should not think about horizontal, only focus on vertical. Managers can study their environment and adopt strategies to suit their needs. Collaborative network is a traditional view. Collaboration helps in reduction of risk when entering in new market. New organization formation does not bring change and innovation. Population-ecology perspective focuses on organizational diversity and adaptation within a population of organizations Thank you for your participation and active involvement.
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