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Feb 9, 2024
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Ve \\ | nt iigsaw puzzle, with each state having a uniquelyShapes niliar with eac .h state's shape, but how did those shapes come / y former "Daily Show' correspondent Brian Unger, explains. Unger CrisScrosses experts and everyday people in search of the stories behind the boundaries: Religion t are just a few of the factors that have caused the states' borders to evolve over timens: to evolve Red State vs. Blue State: Season 2, Episode 1 22 minutes How the U.S. is divided politically and what happens to the states caught in the middle 3 What is the symbol of the Democratic Party? (2:15) Den Le Which party came first the De ocrats or the Republicans? (2:20) Tempc e ¢ Urban areas tend to be red or blue? (2:25) o lwe Of the two Roosevelt Presidents, which was a Re %O'dfi - R@P 5 Name one of the two 4. Publican and which was a B Ctbli( \ 8P amilies that had father—%fl \/\"va'\ \bn U S on'presidents. (2:55) 10.
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