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5.1 Differentiation in Action 1. Adjust curricular aims to suit the needs and abilities of all students. 2. Promote creative and higher-level thinking and encourage students to apply their learning as much as possible. 3. Use a variety of instructional approaches , such as whole-class teaching, small group work, paired work, co-operative learning, individual teaching and team teaching. 4. Use a variety of instructional strategies (e.g. demonstrations, role plays, video, active learning etc.) to appeal to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. 5. Group students for learning within the classroom based on their needs rather than always relying on the same groups. 6. Offer students a choice of learning activities based on their needs, strengths, interests or learning preferences. 7. When revising a topic, use different instructional strategies to the ones used originally to teach the topic. 8. Use whole-class discussion (or pre-assessment) when beginning a new topic to determine what students already know . 9. Allow students to show what they have learned in different ways . 10. Use appropriate assessment modes to assess what students have learned.
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