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MAKERERE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL DEPARTMENT OF MARKETING AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COURSE OUTLINE FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 / 2024 SEMESTER II Programme: Master of Science in Marketing Course Name: Service Marketing Course Code: MKT7210 Facilitator (s): Assoc. Prof. David Katamba (PhD) Email: [email protected] ; [email protected] ; 0702 972 532; 0774 972 532 [email protected] ; 0702 933 391 1. INTRODUCTION: The service sector has become a dominant force in many national economies as indicated by; creation of new jobs in the sector, contribution of the sector to GDP, facilitation of improved productivity in other sectors like the manufacturing and agricultural sector and others. Despite this however, the growth of the services sector has presented many challenges. These are problems and challenges for those managing an organization whose major activity is providing some types of service. Despite the effort in many organizations to improve their standards, dissatisfaction has been seen to grow in the sectors, simply because; firms have not kept up with consumers' rising expectations. The course is designed to try and eliminate the above challenges in the marketing and management of service firms. It will train and develop marketing executives and professionals who will turn around different marketing organizations to success. 2. COURSE OBJECTIVES: i) To equip students with knowledge about services marketing ii) To equip students with skills of solving services marketing problems iii) To enable students, demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in solving service marketing problems. 3. COURSE OUTCOMES: At the end of the course the student can: i) Apply the acquired knowledge in solving services marketing problems. ii) Apply the acquired skills in solving services marketing problems iii) Apply the knowledge and skills in meeting clients' needs in the services sector. 4. DELIVERY METHODS: Interactive lectures and class presentations 5. SUMMARY OF ASSESSMENT: Assessment Type Percentage coverage CW I Take Home Assignment 40 CW II Test Examination 60 1
6. SCHEME OF WORK Wk1 Topic Description Understanding services marketing : What are services? Why service marketing? Services and technology; definitions of a service; importance of services to the Ugandan economy. Service characteristics: Services compared to Goods Marketing Mix in Services Marketing (8Ps) and the (7Cs) Wk2 Understanding the first law of service marketing: customer expectations of service; customer perceptions of service; customer satisfaction; improving service quality and productivity; customer involvement, the gaps model. Wk3 Insights on packaging services. The tangible and intangible elements of a service package; the service flower; the core service package; the peripheral (backup) services; Perceived risk and strategies for risk reduction; promises and standards Wk4 Managing the customer - service interface. aligning service design and standards; service design elements; operating systems classification; strategies for contact improvement within the operating system; strategies for contact reduction in the operating system; determinants of service design; service blueprint. Course Work one Wk5 Delivering and performing the service : employee role; customer role; intermediaries and electronic channel role; managing demand and supply. Designing the service delivery point: - the service setting; elements of the service setting; Wk6 Service quality and the gaps model: definition of service quality; impact of service quality on service consumption; Service quality gaps; the gaps model; dimensions for measuring service quality; causes of service quality problems; how to improve service quality; costs of quality; Wk7 Dealing with service encounters: communication, monitoring, evaluation, and customer relationship management; Wk8 Managing service promises - service communication : integrated services marketing communications; pricing of services. Wk 9 Service recovery strategies: service recovery efforts; customer response to service failures; types of complainers; customer recovery expectations; service recovery strategies. Course Work Two Revision SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Key Texts: 1. Lovelock C and Witz J 2018, Services Marketing: people, technology, Strategy, Pearson Education. 2 Zeithaml V.A. Bitner M. J. and Gremler. 2017. Services Marketing , McGraw-Hill 3. Zeithaml V.A. and Bitner M. J. 2018. Services Marketing , McGraw-Hill 4, Mude, P. and Cottam, A. 1999. The management and marketing of services , Butterworth Heinemann. 5, Zeithaml, V.A. & Bitner, M.J. 2017. Services Marketing; Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm , Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co Ltd. FURTHER READING: 1. Brink, A. and Berndt, A. 2004. Customer Relationship Management & Customer Service , JUTA 2. Zeithaml, V. A. and Bitner, M. J. 1996., Services marketing , NY:McGraw-Hill 3. Earl, S., Olsen, P. & Wackoff, D.1978. A & B Boston. 2
4. Kotler,P. 2007. 8 th Ed. Marketing Management Analysis, Planning, Implementing and Control; Prentice Hall. 5. Baron, S. and Harris, K. 1995, Services Marketing , MacMillan Business. APPROVAL: HoD ............................................................Date.................................... Dean............................................................Date.................................... 3
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