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2/4/24, 4:58 PM Check Answers https://labsimapp.testout.com/v6_0_583/index.html/productviewer/1193/2.8.6/f3409ade-0342-4bb7-a509-5af157c042a6/outline?nonce=l2_pr66pwq34... 1/1 2.8.6 Close a Ticket Lab Report Time Spent: 01:57 Score: 2/2 (100%) TASK SUMMARY Required Actions Add a comment to the #12 Need Audacity installed ticket Close the #12 Need Audacity installed ticket EXPLANATION Complete this lab as follows: 1. Open the company's help desk ticketing system, Issue Trax . a. From the taskbar, select Start . b. Select All apps . c. Select Issue Trax . d. Maximize the window for better viewing. 2. Close the ticket created by Melanie Arturo requesting that Audacity be installed. a. From the right pane, select #12 Need Audacity installed . b. In the New Comment field, enter the following comment: Melanie, I installed Audacity on your system last night. c. Select the + (plus sign) to add the comment. d. From the top of the ticket: Select Closed . Select the left arrow . 3. Verify that the ticket is closed. a. From the left pane, select Closed . b. Verify that #12 Need Audacity installed is shown. Copyright © 2024 TestOut Corp. Copyright © 2024 The Computing Technology Industry Association, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Uploaded by BarristerViperPerson762 on coursehero.com