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7.0 How is the quantity of ground water estimated? There are many different methods, depending on scale and availability of data. Many experts have already given suggestions on the topic. Here are some more points for your consideration: 1. First you have to select a watershed to quantify the groundwater 2. Through the application of geological, hydrogeological, remote sensing and geophysical methods try to determine: a) Types of rocks and their geometry/areal extent; structural details such as fractures/faults/unconformities/super positions, etc. b) Hydraulic properties such as porosity, permeability, etc., of various rock types in the study area & classify the rock types as Aquifer/Aquiclude/aquitard 3. Collect details of rainfall, groundwater fluctuation, groundwater utilization pattern and draft 4. Apply the water balance equation to quantify the Groundwater. Reference: Prasad, N B. (2017). Re: How we can calculate or estimate the quantity of groundwater available in a particular region? Retrieved from: water_available_in_a_particular_region/58a16842dc332d16f041f358/citation/download.
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