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Feb 10, 2024
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REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE OATHS AND STATUTORY DECLARATIONS ACT CAP 15 LAWS OF KENYA AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT I, ANNAH BISIERI SERETI ID/NO. 8273100 a resident of Kiru sub-location, Bokimonge Location, Kenyenya Division, Kenyenya sub-county care of Post Office Box Number 58, Kenyenya in the Republic of Kenya make oath and state as follows: - 1. THAT I am female adult of sound mind and disposition and therefore capable of making this affidavit. 2. THAT I was married to my late husband ZACHARIAH SERETI ORINA under Gusii customary laws. 3. THAT my said late husband died on 19 th January 2008. 4. THAT since my late husband died I have not been married again and I do not intend to get married again. 5. THAT since my marriage was under Gusii customary laws there was no marriage certificate issued. 6. THAT I have made this affidavit in declaration of the matters aforesaid. 7. THAT, what is deponed to hereinabove is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. SWORN by the SAID ) ANNAH BISIERI SERETI ) .................... ) DEPONENT ) At KISII of........................2020 ) ) BEFORE ME ) ) COMMISSIONER FOR OATHS/MAGISTRATE )
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