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GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging Information Literacy Project: GEA #1 - Web Article (60 points) Fill out this Assignment Form, then upload it to Canvas 1. Article Summary (one paragraph, at least five sentences) According to the article, Can Personality Help You Live Longer? ; the findings showed that based on personality alone, we cannot conclude that personality has an effect on mortality. This article goes onto explain that personality does tend to influence people'' behavior and life choices. For example, according to the article; extraverts tend to have increased mortality because extraverts are more likely to smoke. On the other hand, those with high neuroticism tend to engage in unhealthy activities such as poor eating, smoking, and using alcohol. The main point of this article is that different factors such as agreeableness, neuroticism, extraversion, and openness to new ideas act more as influencers for behavior (Vitelli, 2015). 2. TRAAP Test Ratings Timeliness: The "newness" of the information Your Rating: 4 Explain your rating for Timeliness in at least five sentences. The information in this article was published in 2015. Since only four years have elapsed since this article was released it is for the most part up to date as far as current information. Though this article is recent, there are other articles that have been published as recent as 2017 and 2018. In comparison to this article, the information in those articles would be more current and up to date. This article would be a 4 on the scale where 1 is low and 5 is high. The reason for this is because this article is a little bit dated in comparison to the newer research but is still recent enough that is not contradicting the new research that has come out. Relevance: The depth and importance of the information for you Your Rating: 5 Explain your rating for Relevance in at least five sentences. This article is very relevant to the research question as it does effectively answer the question by claiming that personality traits act as influencers for behavior that effect mortality. It is in depth as far as the topics of extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, and openness to new ideas. The effects of these topics on one's are shown to influence people to stay away from certain habits or increase their likelihood of adopting the behavior. Although it does address these items in detail, the article could use a little bit more detail to explain more specific concepts and add clarity. As far as relevance goes, this article should be rated a 5. The reason for this is because the article does address the research question directly and gives a concise and clear answer. Authority: The Source of the information Your Rating: 5 Explain your rating for Authority in at least five sentences.
GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging The author of this article is Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. According to Huffpost, Vitelli received his Ph.D. from the York University in 1987. Since this he has spent 15 years working in government run maximum security prison in Ontario as a psychologist (Huffpost, 2016). Vitelli is a credible authority on the subject because he does have a Ph.D. in the field of psychology along with over twenty years of experience. This is better in comparison to this article being written by a journalist trying to understand the research. This article should receive a 5 on the scale for authority. This is because the author's background in psychology makes him a credible source for the information. Accuracy: The reliability and correctness of the information Your Rating: 3 Explain your rating for Accuracy in at least five sentences. The information in the article does seem to be accurate at face value. With this being said, the author does reference a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology but does not present any of the data presented in actual study itself. This makes the article subject to the authors bias. The article seems to paraphrase the findings of this study but does not include any citations of any kind. This article for accuracy gets a 3 rating. The reason for this is because the information seems accurate and he does state the source for the information, however; without including any data from the study, it does leave one to wonder if or how much of the author's bias is represented in the reading. Purpose: The reason the information was created Your Rating: 5 Explain your rating for Purpose in at least five sentences. The purpose of this article is to inform and educate the public on the effects that personality has on mortality. The intended audience for this seems to be students or anyone from the general public with an interest in psychology and personality. The author does not state any obvious political, religious or ideological opinions that would skew the information and the information is presented in a direct manner. This article gets a 5 in purpose. The reason this article gets this rating is because there is no intention to sell a product or push religious or ideological beliefs. This along with the author's scholarly background shows that this information is being presented specifically with the intent to inform the public without ulterior motives. 3. Conclusion (one paragraph, at least five sentences) Overall this article passes the TRAAP test very well seeing as it received mostly 4 and 5 ratings on each evaluation. The strong points of the article are that the author is a credible source and the article was released recently and is extremely relevant to the research question. The weak point of this is accuracy. Though the information seems correct, this article would be even better if it presented data from the study that it sites. This would help the article to establish a stronger argument. This reading does however, clearly explain the effects of personality on longevity effectively.
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