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Feb 11, 2024
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Theory of Metal Cutting and Tool Design Course Instructor: Dr G Krishna Mohana Rao Department of Mechanical Engineering JNTUH College of Engineering
Pre- requisites : Engineering graphics, Mechanics of solids, Heat Transfer, Machine Tools, Strength of Materials. Objectives : 1. To impart the knowledge of basic methodology of metal cutting. cutting. 2. To educate the student about the structure, working, forces involved in single point and multipoint cutting tools. 3. To understand the concepts of tool life, machinability, wear, influence of heat. 4. To design the jigs and fixtures required for machine tools.
Outcomes : Students can analyse the machining process interms of input variables like 1. Speed, feed , depth of cut and their influence on 1. Speed, feed , depth of cut and their influence on surface roughness, 2. Metal removal rate, tool wear rate, machining time, energy, work done, heat distribution.
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