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Surname1 Student's Name Professor's Name Course Date Challenging A Belief In a universe full of disbeliefs and disputes, topics and ideas are frequently broken down into two or more contradicting sides. The issues can entail sports, religion, morals, or even schools. People's minds are not the same; that is, one person's sense is not similar to the mind of another individual. Opinions and beliefs are always roaming around, leading to friendly and fierce conflicts between people. Ideas that I have challenged are the moral of respecting other people even when they show disrespect to you. I believe that respect is a model that works both ways and the only people who deserve our respect are those who respect us. The idea that I have strongly challenged for a considerable part of my life is the moral of respecting other people even when they disrespect you. Respect can be defined as depicting regard for individuals and feelings. I perceive respect as not given but rather earned from individuals by other persons they interact with. Numerous persons believe that it is a must for people to show respect to everybody else as a consideration sign even when they are being disrespectful to you. My parents have always taught me to respect my elders. I held to this virtue of respecting others dearly and for a long time before I began running into some situations where I was respecting my elders genuinely. On the other hand, they depicted no respect. While challenging this belief, it is not like I'm entirely disregarding the moral of
Surname2 respect; however, I would not acknowledge it. I began believing that people should receive the same amount of respect from you as you receive from them, that is, respect working in both directions. Disrespect can be perceived differently from numerous perspectives. For me, I take disrespect as being abrupt or rude. For instance, one day, I was in the grocery store shopping for some water cases and acquiring something for my parents to eat. I took all the items I needed to the register and set everything on the conveyor belt. Then the cashier started scanning everything I had collected. The water cases were the last items in the queue to be scanned. The cashier said, "Why would" you put the cases of water on the conveyor belt?". Then i" response I said, "I'm sorry" I'm you want me to put them back in the cart?". "Well, now that you already put them up here. I might as well scan them. Next time leave them in the cart and try to make our lives a little easier." "I'm sorry, I'm will. I can grab them and put them in the cart." The cashier did not answer me, and she grabbed one water case, threw it into my cart, then grabbed another one and set it on top of the first one. I said, "Thank you." Have a good night." The cashier began to roll her eyes toward me as I said, and she did not say anything back. I felt so offended for being nicer to her than she was to me. The experience taught me that I should not give others respect they do not deserve or portray to others. However, I believe that this belief does not apply in workplaces. In jobs, people work harder to achieve promotions to where they are, whether it is your boss' boss' your boss. In workplaces, it is essential to treat all people with authority and rank higher than you with
Surname3 respect because they earned that position and have worked tirelessly to get there. Thus, I believe they deserve respect. In conclusion, this is a belief I have challenged. Many people believe that there is only one way to teach morals. I tend to challenge numerous beliefs, whether from the people I do not know or my close ones. I am happy to have this habit since it assists me in seeing things from a different point of view.
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