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Getting Started

POLS& 202 Intro/Getting Started:  

  1. If this is your first online class, take the quiz below to see if online learning is right for you.  I don't mean for this to scare you away, but lots of people fail or drop out of online classes because they need more structure, like in a real class, or because they are really too busy to be taking a class.  Online classes take work!  So be wise and honest with yourself
  2. Read the syllabus carefully.
  3. Watch the screencast on getting around the course, if available.
  4. Read the handout on Discussion Forums and how they will be graded.
  5. Read the handout on online Netiquette, etiquette for online communication.
  6. Participate in the Introductions Discussion Forum.
  7. Review Materials and take the quizzes below (self-test quizzes, not graded).
  8. Start watching and reading the news.
  9. Get started on some more content in Module 1.

Online resources and technical help:

Learning Strategies from Dartmouth: Plagiarism and more from IRIS at Clark College  Please complete the plagiarism unit and take the quiz at the end.  Lots of other great information research as well.  Check it out.

Discussion Forum Guidelines Explanation of grading and a rubric:  

Netiquette: Please read and follow these guidelines on Netiquette for our online communications in our class: discussion forums and other forms of communication.

Online Quizzes and Slide Shows on Politics to get your feet wet

  • Pew's Global Trends slideshow Dec 2012:

  • Citizenship test: Take this quiz (try the long version) to see if you are qualified to be a citizen.  :)



  • Pew’s year in Review: Trends in America.  Slideshow.

Some sources that might help throughout the quarter: For definitions:

Glossary from  Short definitions.

  For Political junkies, check out the online political news site: Politico

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