Lifespan Development

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Course Contents at a Glance

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  • Module 1: Lifespan Development

    • Introducing Human Development
    • The Lifespan Perspective
    • Research in Lifespan Development
    • Research in Lifespan Development

  • Module 2: Developmental Theories

    • Psychodynamic Theories
    • Behavioral and Cognitive Theories
    • Introducing the Humanistic, Contextual, and Evolutionary Perspectives of Development
    • Comparing and Evaluating Lifespan Theories

  • Module 3: Prenatal Development

    • Biological Foundations of Human Development
    • Prenatal Development
    • Birth and Delivery

  • Module 4: Infancy

    • Physical Growth and Development in Newborns and Toddlers
    • Cognitive Development in Infants and Toddlers

    • Emotional and Social Development During Infancy

  • Module 5: Early Childhood

    • Physical Development in Early Childhood
    • Cognitive Development in Early Childhood
    • Emotional and Social Development in Early Childhood

  • Module 6: Middle Childhood

    • Physical Development in Middle Childhood
    • Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood
    • Educational Issues during Middle Childhood
    • Emotional and Social Development in Middle Childhood

  • Module 7: Adolescence

    • Physical Growth and Development in Adolescence
    • Cognitive Development in Adolescence
    • Emotional and Social Development in Adolescence

  • Module 8: Early Adulthood

    • Physical Development in Early Adulthood

    • Cognitive Development in Early Adulthood
    • Theories of Adult Psychosocial Development
    • Theories of Early Adult Psychosocial Development
    • Relationships in Early Adulthood

  • Module 9: Middle Adulthood

    • Physical Development in Middle Adulthood
    • Cognitive Development in Middle Adulthood
    • Emotional and Social Development in Middle Adulthood
    • Relationships in Middle Adulthood

  • Module 10: Late Adulthood

    • Physical Development in Late Adulthood
    • Cognitive Development in Late Adulthood
    • Psychosocial Development in Late Adulthood

  • Module 11: Death and Dying

    • Understanding Death
    • Emotions Related to Death
    • Facing Death

Licenses and Attributions