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Why It MattersGoals, Tools, and TrendsReading: Economic PolicyReading: Federal Spending: Where Does the Money Go?Video: Stop Freaking out About the DebtReading: Vox Cards: The Fed and the 2008 Financial CrisisReading: Vox Cards: Federal TaxesVideo: Wealth Inequality in AmericaVideo: How Wealth Inequality Is Dangerous for AmericaVideo: The Most Important Chart of 2014Video: Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson on Engineered InequalityVideo: The Scariest Chart in AmericaVideo: Banned TED Talk: Nick HanauerVideo: Fred Block: The Tenacity of the Free Market IdeologyVideo: Mariana Mazzucato: The Entrepreneurial StateVideo: End This Depression Now!Social WelfareReading: Major Domestic PoliciesReading: Contrary to 'Entitlement Society' RhetoricReading: 20,000 Leagues Under the StateReading: Vox Card: Are Entitlement Cuts the Same As Austerity?Reading: Vox Cards: Health-Care SpendingReading: Vox Cards: Everything You Need to Know About ObamacareReading: Vox Cards: The Battle over Medicaid ExpansionVideo: We Know How to End PovertyVideo: As if Teachers' Jobs Aren't Hard EnoughForeign Policy GoalsReading: Foreign PolicyVideo: American Foreign Policy in Historical PerspectiveVideo: John Mearsheimer on America UnhingedVideo: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign PolicyReading: The Iran Nuclear Deal, Translated into Plain EnglishVideo: U.S. Democracy Promotion Means Toppling GovernmentsVideo: Obama on the Goal of His Foreign PolicyVideo: Obama on What Most Americans Get Wrong About Foreign AidEnvironmental ChallengesVideo: Ray Anderson: The Business Logic of SustainabilityReading: Vox Cards: Global WarmingVideo: Ramez Naam: Living in a Finite WorldVideo: Ramez Naam: The Infinite ResourcePutting It Together



This course is taught using a mastery approach. It was designed to give you the best opportunity for success.  Your instructor will guide you through the process, but below are some important things to keep in mind as you begin.

Course Structure

  • Each course is built around Competencies, which are important skills or knowledge that can be used in the real world
  • Each Competency has enabling Learning Outcomes that teach you what you need to know to master the Competency
  • Each Learning Outcome is supported by Open Educational Resources, which are a range of materials that will help you build your skills and knowledge of the learning outcomes.

Demonstrating Mastery

  • There is a graded Quiz for each Competency

    • You must attain 80 percent on the quiz to demonstrate mastery
    • You can retake the quiz as many times as you need to get to 80 percent
    • If you are struggling to pass a quiz after three attempts, your instructor will provide you with support and guidance to help you be successful on your next attempt

  • There are also graded Performance Assessments for groups of Competencies

    • You must attain 80 percent on the Performance Assessment to demonstrate mastery
    • You can resubmit the Performance Assessment as many times as you need to get to 80 percent
    • If you do not achieve 80 percent on a Performance Assessment, your instructor will provide you with support and guidance to help you be successful on your next attempt

How to Approach this Content

Start by reflecting on the learning outcomes for each section.  Do the concepts seem familiar?  Plan to spend most of your time on concepts that are new or complicated.  Always review page headings, and pay special attention to introductory and concluding sections.  When you have finished a section, review what you have learned.  The more you stop and ask yourself whether you understand, the better prepared you will be to demonstrate mastery in an assessment.  Take notes on your reflections and reach out to your instructor if you need help with difficult or confusing concepts.