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Welcome to MCC and Your College Success Course

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You made it! You've already shown the perseverance and dedication necessary to get into college. Maybe your path here from high school was short, or maybe you've had many life experiences since high school. Either way, welcome to Monroe Community College. We're so glad you've chosen MCC!

Transitioning to College

Most students feel a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, along with a bit of anxiety, as they begin classes, especially in their first semester. In many ways the beginning of each semester is a fresh start. It is an opportunity to learn and grow. You'll meet new people, have new experiences, and be inspired to attain high standards. The transition to college is full of exciting opportunities and challenges.

This book, just like this course, is intended to be a resource for you as you navigate your transition to college. Each chapter is designed to help you think about important issues in college life. Some of the ideas will be relevant immediately, and others will be of use to you as you move through your educational career. Please keep in mind that there are both print and online versions of this text: additional spaces have been added to write in answers, and links to many resources have been provided. As the required text for this class, all students can purchase the book in the MCC Bookstore and access it online via Blackboard. The book is organized so that each chapter focuses on a key question. Here's an overview:

Chapter 1 Welcome to Monroe Community College: Now What?

encourages you to value class time, learn about how you learn, and think through your communication as it introduces you to some of the technology you'll use in college.

Chapter 2 Who am I and What are My Goals?

gives you the opportunity to find out more about yourself and set some short, midterm, and long range goals.

Chapter 3 How Can I Manage My Time and Space?

helps you achieve your goals by giving tips for time management and organization.

Chapter 4 Personal Responsibility: What's on Me?

explores mindsets for success, stress management techniques, and effective collaboration.

Chapter 5 How Can I Learn and Study Effectively in College?

helps you improve your learning, studying, and test-taking techniques.

Chapter 6 Diversity and Civility: Can't We All Just Get Along?

focuses on topics that help diverse learners create a positive learning environment.

Chapter 7 What's the Best Way to Think about Problems?

explores critical thinking and problem solving.

Chapter 8 Career Development: What about My Future?

offers you an opportunity to think about who you are and where you are going beyond Monroe Community College.

Chapter 9 How Can I Take Care of My Health and My Finances?

examines personal wellness and money management.

Chapter 10 What Should I Know About College Policies?

discusses some of the policy issues in college.

This College Success course is one step along your journey through higher education. It is the hope that this text and course will offer you a solid foundation for future opportunities and challenges. By being open to hard work and new experiences, collaborating with classmates, and accessing college resources, you are on your way to a successful college experience.

Again, welcome to MCC. We are glad you are here.

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