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Chapter 2: Soft Skills
Chapter 3: The Importance of Being on Time
Chapter 6: Global Marketplace

Welcome to IVYT 113: Student Success in Technology

You should be so proud of yourself for taking this huge step. This course is designed to help make your transition into college a bit easier. In this course, we will be addressing several different tools that you will find helpful throughout your college experience. It is also important to remember that there are numerous resources available to you on your local campus. The best part of working at Ivy Tech is the opportunity to help students. Everyone here truly loves that part of our job, so feel free to contact a faculty or staff member any time!

Your readings for this course will come from two different sources. The first set of readings will be with your StrengthsQuest material. In Session 2, you will be using your StrengthsQuest code to take the assessment to determine your top 5 themes. Once you have taken the assessment, you will have access to the StrengthsQuest book. Both “books” are online so there is no need to purchase anything other than your StrengthsQuest code. The other being the readings found under the Learning Activities in each session. You will see eight chapters, followed by several additional chapters. The additional chapters are there just as supplemental material in case you would like to read more about a particular topic.

You will also notice that there are instructional videos available to help with material that you might not be familiar with. Please take time to watch these videos as you will find them beneficial. Most of all, do not be afraid to ask questions! This course is designed to help make you a more successful student so use it to your advantage.

And once again, welcome – we are glad you are here!

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