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Topic Introduction

Teacher Sitting on Desk Welcome to our first chapter in this course! I am excited to begin sharing with you the awesome world of being a teacher. This course is a survey course, meaning we will discuss many different aspects of a career in education. While often students are most interested in the 'nuts and bolts' of teaching, we will cover much more than just how to manage your room. I hope to make you more aware of the many facets of teaching including the history of education in the United States, how reform works, who creates and implements educational policy, as well as career options within the field of education.

In our first topic, we're going to delve more deeply into your motivations for being a teacher. Whether you're a mid-life career changer or freshly graduated from high school, our intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for becoming a teacher are an important. Several education professors who teach future teachers will discuss how they became teachers. Lastly, we'll provide a variety of opinions regarding the teaching profession.

Get comfortable and ready to learn what it really means to become a teacher.

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