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Meet Your Instructor (Faculty, Please Customize Your Bio and Add a Video/Screencast Welcome to the Course)

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Greetings, Illustrious Students!

I’m Ronda, your instructor for this course. I’m in my fifth year of college teaching in college reading, writing, digital technology, and success courses. I have many duties, but working with students is the most rewarding aspect of my career.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved reading. Growing up my favorite authors were Dr. Seuss and Beverly Cleary, then I explored Piers Anthony and Robin Cook in junior high and eventually found my way to Thoreau, Emerson, and Woolf in high school. I liked reading and writing so much that my undergrad major was English and my Master’s also has a reading emphasis.

I consider myself an avid techie and love all things Apple, Android, Google, and Open Educational Resources. I’m a Mac lover at heart and spend the majority of my waking moments in front of a computer. My Ph.D. is in Learning Technologies, and I think troubleshooting is fun! I enjoy helping students develop their technological prowess in online learning.

My greatest strengths are organization, communication, listening, technology, and always wanting to learn new things. My greatest professional contributions are assisting students in “building bridges” to link all the pieces of college success.

Please review this welcome video:

Welcome to READ 125! Video on YouTube

I'm looking forward to working with you in this class.  If you have any questions or need assistance during the course, please let me know. Have a great semester!

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