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Introduction for Ivy Tech Faculty

How to use this Book

Greetings Instructors,

Welcome to the Open Educational Resources collection for English 111.

The first thing to remember is… this book is not really a textbook. It is a collection of materials designed to assist instructors in teaching and presenting the concepts of English 111. Instructors are urged to pick and choose the items that will add to their lessons plans then make them available to students through blackboard, in-class presentation, or even as hand-outs. This collection is designed to be helpful for programs or regions that choose not to have students purchase an actual textbook. It can be used in conjunction with an actual handbook, or it can be used alone.

The information is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Textbook information based on the course content for English 111.
  2. Handbook information including grammar, punctuation and style issues.
  3. A collection of readings that can be used by instructors in any way they see fit.

The textbook information generally moves in a direction similar to the lesson plan of many instructors. It starts with introductory pieces, goes on to more specific types of essay writing, and ends up with research and argument essay items.

While the order of the information might work for some instructors, the pieces can still be used in any order needed. There are some topics that have a few general lessons and examples. Also, there are some topics with larger collections of information so that instructors can choose the style or item that works best for them.

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