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What is Waymaker?

Waymaker: Personalized Learning Meets Open Education

A math instructor helps a student work out a problemWaymaker is Lumen’s next-generation courseware, combining curated, outcome-aligned open educational resources (OER) with personalized learning technologies that help instructors find and support the individual students who need it most.

Waymaker keeps the person in personalized learning.

How does it work?

We start with the premise that all students are capable of great learning when they have an educational environment that fits their needs. This learning environment is not about replacing faculty with machines, algorithms or data dashboards.

Rather than offering an “adaptive” experience where a system makes decisions on the learner’s behalf, Waymaker gives students visibility into the learning process and asks them to reflect on where they are and make decisions for themselves using that information. Waymaker also creates efficiencies for instructors to help them identify and reach out to students to provide help and encouragement when and where needed.

Screenshot of a quiz question about the Role of BusinessWell-aligned, Open Educational Content

Waymaker curates open educational resources (OER) including text, video, simulations and other learning activities aligned to clearly-defined learning outcomes. Faculty can customize the content based on their outcomes and student learning needs. Students access everything easily in the institution’s LMS.

Assessments as Learning Tools

In Waymaker, Mastery Learning-inspired assessments are productive tools for learning and feedback. Formative pre-tests and self-checks, summative quizzes and human-graded performance assessments offer guidance to students and faculty about where to focus and how to improve learning.

Screenshot of personalized study plan on which learning activities are grouped into tiles and different tiles provide feedback indicating Personalized Study Plans

Waymaker’s personalized study plans help students gauge their progress through the course and direct them to the material they need to focus on. With this information, students can use their study time more effectively and develop a deeper understanding of how they learn better.

Instructor Insights and Recommendations

Student learning data provide insights for instructors about who is struggling and where. Waymaker makes specific recommendations to faculty about just-in-time individual interventions that can make a significant difference in student performance.

Nudges, Communications and Connections

Instructors use Waymaker as a time-saving tool to send personalized messages to students to encourage good behaviors and correct problems. These communications, coupled with just-in-time personal outreach, help create the human connections that Screenshot of can make such a positive impact on student engagement, confidence-building, and academic success.

Waymaker Course Titles

Waymaker courseware is available for the following subjects, with more courses under development on our future roadmap:

Introduction to Business



Principles of Marketing

Licenses and Attributions