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Overview of Assignments

The assignments found in this section correspond with four major projects:

  1. Reading Journal Project - partners with Critical Reading Module
  2. Personal Analysis Essay - partners with Writing Process Module
  3. Personal Analysis Essay Revision - partners with Research Process Module
  4. Success Skills Journal Project - partners with Success Skills Module

icon of a pencil over paperEach of these projects includes an overview and/or a Final Draft submission assignment page, with a suggested rubric. Each project also has several smaller associated assignments, one per outcome of the module. These are designed to be scaffolded tasks, to help the students create the final draft in stages.

As with all other aspects of this course, these are designed to be starting points towards adaptation, NOT a prescriptive set of assignments that must be taught this exact way. Please use as much of this assignment framework as is useful to you, and discard the rest.

Have you created a project, homework series, or other instructional item that partners with this text? Please consider sharing it back with us, and we'll add it to the Instructor Resources collection for others to benefit from. Connect with us at

But what about grammar?

The grammar module doesn't have a project associated with it currently. However, it offers extensive practice tasks inside the module itself. The "Try It" pages could be adapted for in-class or homework assignments if desired.

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