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Practice, Practice, Practice

Have you ever played a sport where you had to do practice drills before the big game? Have you ever learned how to play an instrument? Have you ever played a video-game where you had to move your way up through levels? Have you ever learned a craft or an art where you had to learn the basics before you improved? If you learned how to ride a bike, for instance, you know that it was hard to learn and it was eventually easy to do after practicing.

You perfected—or mastered—your technique with practice. You got better over time.

This course may seem different from others you have taken. It uses a digital toolset called Waymaker Courseware. Waymaker courses are about mastery learning, an educational theory based on the idea that people learn at different rates and everyone needs sufficient time to learn and practice. In order to understand the course content before the class moves on to another topic or unit, you may need more time to learn.

Have you ever had the experience of not understanding something in week 2 of a course but forging ahead anyway, only to find that the work in week 3 was really hard?

With mastery learning, you are asked to demonstrate an understanding of foundational concepts before moving to the next topic. In other words, you may spend more time with some concepts before you tackle subsequent ones. By using the Waymaker Courseware, you will have tools to help you learn, practice, focus your studies and master information so you can progress successfully through the course.

It’s our hope that you’ll have sufficient time and the right learning conditions for your needs as a learner, to help you master the learning objectives. The content, assignments, and assessments are designed to make sure you “get it” before you move on.

Practice, practice, practice!

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